kami (kareshinokami) wrote in sc_anime_club,

the anime that i have available in computer files (as in.. not DVD/VHS).

.hack//sign (1-28)
ai no kusabi
air master
battle angel alita
blue submarine #6
bubblegum crisis
cowboy bebop
elfen lied
excel saga
fruits basket
full metal alchemist
full metal panic (and fumoffu)
ghost in the shell (first GIG, both movies, up to episode 15 of second GIG)
great teacher onizuka
gunslinger girl
gunsmith cats
hunterXhunter (this is downloading, should be done relatively soon)
immoral sisters
kare kano (kareshi kanojo ~or~ Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou)
kiddy grade
kiki's delivery service
laputa ~ castle in the sky
last exile
legend of the blue wolves
level c
love hina again
maria-sama ga miteru
my! my goddess movie
naruto (up to 112 - or whatever is most recent when you ask for it)
perfect blue
porco rosso
princess mononoke
record of lodoss war
sailor moon and the 7 ballz (this is really funny, meant to be a hentai though)
samurai champloo
scrapped princess
serial experiments lain
the boy whoo saw the wind
the cat returns
the guyver
those who hunt elves
vampire hunter D ~ bloodlust
violinist of hamelin
weiss kreuz
whisper of the heart
wicked city
wolf's rain
yami no matsuei
zetsuai 1989 

i've recently gotten a DVD burner so i'm willing to distribute this to anybody that will accept DVDs.  your computer has to be able to read DVDs for this to work for you.  one DVD holds 4.3GB and i won't charge any shipping costs (as long as you are in the 'good' 48 US states as far as shipping goes).  prices ~

under 6 DVDs ~ 90 cents a DVD
6-15 DVDs ~ 80 cents a DVD
15-30 DVDs ~ 60 cents a DVD
30+ DVDs ~ 50 cents a DVD

i'm not trying to make a profit here, just share some anime.  these DVDs will NOT play in your DVD player (noncomputer based) ~ they are basically anime sent on CDs except that a DVD holds a lot more information.  to watch any of this anime you will need the defiler pak ~ http://www.hellninjacommando.com/defilerpak/

comment on here with your email address and any of what you are interested in that i've listed. 

notes ~

for any canadians that might be interested, i assure you that shipping to you won't cost much more.  just whatever it takes to make up for the extra shipping price =\

i'll only accept cash payments.  no paypal =\  checks are pointless as the most you'll realistically have to pay is around 15 dollars.  i'll ask that you send the money wrapped in at least one piece of paper to hide the fact that there is money in the envelope (so nobody tries stealing it).  please don't send me pennies or nickles -_-  quarters and dimes work better.

IF there are a lot of requests for what i've offered, there may be a delay.  i only have 100 DVDs right now.  i can buy more. 
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