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FIRST CLUB MEETING (everyone read and comment PLEASE)

Ok, Now Diana, I'm not trying to jack your club or anything. And I would've loved to plan this with you, but I havent been able to contact you =p. So I will psot this, and hope you can agree.

I've decided to Grab the Reigns and set a date for the first meeting, and a location.

Date: Saturday May 22nd
Location: My House, 1180 Graham Hill Road
Time: Looking at the polls taken a couple months back most people want evening, second up was early afternoon, and not many wanted late afternoon. So How does 4-7pm sound? (most people also said they wanted meeting to last 3 hours, if anyone wants to though they could prolly just stay at my house all night chilling, my mom is pretty cool with that)

There will be NO PAYMENT NEEDED (as was brought up). I will pay for food and drink out of my own pocket, but will glady acept donations at the meeting. I accept donations in the form of cash, check, and hugs. Under no means will I accept Paypal. Most other possible donations will also be accepted (I'm not picky).

Ok, so if you want to/can go PLEASE comment saying so, I want to know how many people are coming Before i buy food. Currently I am thinking I'll get like 2-3 large pizzas and like 2-3 litres of assorted soda. Also bring any food/drink you want. And the select few who I deem special (or bribe me) Might bet some of my horde of Bawls (don't know what it is? go to Drink Bawls, Stay Up All Night!)

Now for anime choices. I own the first disc of Excel Saga, Princess Mononoke, the first 4 discs of The Big O season 1, and the first disc of season 2 legally. Illegally on my PC/disc, I have the full series of: Witch Hunter Robin, Love Hina, Love Hina Again, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The End Of Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Spirited Away, Cowboy Bebop, Cowboy Bebop Movie:Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Hellsing, Trigun, and a few Episodes of Thundercats (best fucking cartoon EVER). I also have many other video files. To watch the pirated stuff we would either need to be in my room, or someone would need to bring an S-Video Cable.

If we are in my room, we will be using my 17 inch monitor to watch the illegal crap. Otherwise we will be in the living room with the HUGE TV (i think like 40', my mom went crazy one day).

Other things to do at my house include but are not limited to: Pool (full sized pool table), PS2/Playstation Games (got a lot of RPGs and some 2 player games), random sitting around and chilling.

If you play magic the gathering please bring a deck or something, I play and need new players to dominate.

Other Side Notes:

I will be at Oddball (some dance thing at the Vets center in SC) on the 8th, I think I got the name and date and stuff right, my friends might have me misinformed o.0.

Also, CALLING ALL FANS OF IN FLAMES, yes everyones favorite Norwegian Metal band will be in San Francisco at the Avalon on the 13th, and I will be there.

Also, I play magic at Epic Adventure Games on fridays, and Normally am at Comicoplis for their tournies on saturday/sunday.

Look me up at any of these places, would love to hang with some of you. I am the nerdy with wild looking brown hair, and normally a KMFDM T shirt or some other random metal/indust band. Word up my brothas and Sistas.

Peace Out, Mitch

If you want to talk to me about anything (i have basically no friends here so please give me something to do) contact me in various means.

AIM: Lordomor (on this pretty much all the time, accept when asleep, at class, or playing EQ)
Yahoo: Lordomor (on this about once every 2-3 days)
MSN: this maybe once in a blue moon)
Home Phone: Call 831-427-0719 and ask to talk to Mitchell
Cell Phone: 415-328-4303, not in the area code, so would be long distance i guess. I use Version so if you havea version cell use that =p

Or just show up at my house and hide in the bushes waiting for me to come home. When I moved I lost all my stalkers =(
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