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I still Live, BLOOD PUMPS IN MY VEINS *bleeds*

Ok I realize I am not the community leader/owner whatever. I'm prolly not nearly as big of an anime fan as many of you. But uh, I will be the first to say, whoever started this didn't plan this well, and needs to get on top of this.

If not, want me to take over? I doubt I could do a better job, but I can try at least you know.

Firstly, we need to have a meeting, not even a club meeting even. Just a meeting of interesting people IN PERSON, since things in person tend to take effect faster/work better than this morass of online mumbojumbo.

So anyone want to have some semblance of a club meeting somewhere? I'm really not sure where a good place is (having only lived here 10 months, and really not knowing much about the city other than the bus system/JC) I could offer my house, it is big enough i think, and I have a massive TV with a DVD player and whatnot. But I don;t know if my mother would apprechiate me summoning strange nerds (no offense, I call myself a nerd too, I am including in this, minus the strange part, my mother knows me..well enough) into our home.

So options:

A, meet at someones house to hang/eat food/watch anime
B, find some public place to do the same thing
C, Frolic somewhere and just hang out and get to know one another. Even if this club never works, a lot of you seem like very nifty folks that I'd love to get to know (either as friends or enemies, take your pick! =P)
D, Dance like monkeys to the Rhymic sounds of Tub Ring (don't know them? Look them up, they rock me some hardcorely =D )

Thank you for you time, Goodnight folks, time for some starcraft.

On a side note, how many of you play Magic the Gathering, Starcraft, or Everqeust? Or some combination of those. I've played MTG for a good 8 years, starcraft since it came out, and I just quit EQ 3 months ago after 4 years of zombie slavery.

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE*** If you took offense of anything I said, good, I am glad. Now please stop being so uptight and loosen up. Or just ignore me, since I have been proven to be an offensive nutcase.
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