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Anime stores in the area?

I can't seem to find any neat anime stores nearby. I went to Japan Town in San Jose last weekend, but that's a not a particularly fun drive =( Can anyone recommend any cool anime stores close to Santa Cruz? Or am I doomed to ordering and paying shipping online?
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you are doooooooooomed!

as far as i know anyways.. i mean, i can recommend comic stores around here, but not anime ones...

lemme know if you find any
Thanks for the's frustrating not being near anime...sooo very frustrating...though I did get a cool art book in Japan Town. Thank you, you are sweet=)
i'm only sweet sometimes, mostly i'm just crazy; like gir.

i was actually thinking "dooooooomed" in that squeaky-helium-gir voice, and following it in my mind with "wheeee!"

oh man, invader zim, how i crave you...
not that i'm creepy or anything (ok, maybe i am, sorry!)
but i like that you like "santa cruz lesbians" and "hot porter lesbians" is in my interests list.. ;p
I don't think you're're rather cute, actually=)
Do they still have Suncoast in the Capitola mall? If so, they had a pretty damn huge anime selection. Freakin' expensive though.

There weren't many Best Buys around Santa Cruz from what I remember...

Yeah it (unfortunately (or fortunately)) sounds like online shopping is your best bet.


January 22 2007, 17:44:10 UTC 10 years ago

I don't think the Suncoast is there. I was at the Crapitola mall last weekend, and didn't see one. No Best Buy's around, but there is a Fry's in either Los Gatos or Scotts Valley, I always forget which one.