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Hey all It's mitchell, some of you may know me, some may not. I realize this isn't a DDR community, but come on, its an anime club, and anime and DDR go together like cream cheese and sourdough toast. So like anyone wanna go DDR sometime?

I only have 2 classes at week at cabrillo, Japanese on wednesday/monday, from 1-3:10. So really anytime other than that is good.

If you want to plan something out, my cell is 415 328 4303, my internet is currently broken on my PC, so i can't get on any IMs =\. But my IMs are...

Yahoo/AIM: Lordomor

Othernews....Working on a Cait Sith costume for Animagic (first weekend of october, the 1-3, in valencia, for tose that are interested). I don't know if it will be done in time...but I hope =\.

Costume making and trying to have a social life doesn't work.
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*hates you* I will =D

*hugs* We should hang out =\ I'm *really* bored.
I suppose the appropriate question is: which Cait Sith? *SIGH*

You go to Cabrillo. You play DDR. You listen to In Flames. And I don't know you. Is this fucking *possible*?
Yes, yes it is.

Wait...your a girl, you go to cabrillo, you play DDR, you listen to in flames. WHY DO I NOT KNOW YOU *cries*

Yea, sadly i don't go to cabrillo much this semester. The fucks wait listed me for ALL my classes. And I only got into one, that being Japanese one (1:00-3:10 monday/wednesday)

Shall we meet? I can head over to cabrillo at pretty much anytinme. Or well, elsewhere, why meet at cabrillo when we coulod go somewhere more interesting *hints to DDR*.

Up to you though. Till then, saiyonara.
?!?!?!?!?!?! ARRRRRGHHH!!! I'm in J1, ON Tues/Thurs!!!!!! (Not that I should be, I already speak it fluently. ^^)

And the crying was my response. ^^

And yeah, I'm a continuing student, so I get top priority. *phhhhhbt*

Hrmmm.... I'm really fraggin' busy all weekend. You busy Tues night, about 8:30 (after my class), Boardwalk?
Blast you! I don't speak anything fluently =(. My english no gooder =(

Boardwalk pish, I don't go there anymore. The atmosphere is...appalling, it costs too much, and th emachine breaks a lot. I go to special effects arcade, up in scotts valley. it only costs 3 tokens there, +you get more tokens for your money, better atmosphere, and I know some of the people that work there (to an extent)

But if I get to hang with you, boardwalk shouldn't be that bad. Hmm, this is one of those things that I say a lot, that I might regret later. Oh well!

But tuesday....I could maybe get down there at 8:30. Hmm, would any ealier in the day be possible?

Ahh and, my cellphone is 415 328 4303, call me if anything come sup. or just call me o.0...would be a lovely break from my life of sitting..and doing damn near nothing.
Aww, poor you, just sitting around. No, SE is good, I should really stop by and see Kevin. I'll grab Mike and we'll play CVS2.

In any case, 408 750-7937. I'll try to give you a call at some point and contemplate the irony of how two people could have the interests that cause other people with the same interests to know them, and yet we have never met. (SO har to beleive! Are you sure?)